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We at Universal Sompo General Insurance believe it is necessary to establish a new urban approach to address this Pandemic and financial crisis. Therefore, we have enhanced and upgraded our digital platform to help our customers through HEAL (Health Ensurance for Active Life) and Fast Track renew policy Portal which will help our customer to purchase new Health Policies and renew all LOB policies. We have also tried to ease the journey of Claim Intimation journey by empowering our customers with the Quick Act Claim Intimation facility which will help in Intimating claims on a real-time basis.

Below are the few challenges which we wanted to solve through our online portal:

Pay your renewal premium through Fast Track Renewal Page: We are extending our digital arm to our customers to serve them instantly where they will just have to keep their policy number handy. This initiative will bring customers to online space and improve customer-centricity and Click here to visit our Fast Track Policy Renewal Portal.

Pay through our mobile app USGI Ally: Self-propelled mobile app to enhance the services corresponding to the major LOB’s given the considering in the customer-centric approach. Renewal facility is also available in Ally to know more go to Play Store or App Store of your Andriod Phone or iPhone respectively.

Have you ever heard of Renewing your policy through a chatbot: We have AI-fueled Chatbot where clients can renew their Health and Motor policies with the absolute minimum data and Payment Gateway incorporated to give Customers Policies in real-time. Connect with Live Chat 24 X 7.

Direct renewal modes of payment: You can renew your policy on WhatsApp. We have initiated Renewal reminders that are being sent to customers. Your policy can be renewed in just a click.

Renew your policy Through through digital Wallet: Renewal of Motor and Health Insurance Policies should be possible through a notable digital platform i.e. PAYTM. The customer needs to enter his/her Policy number alongside other essential subtleties and renew instantly.

Fresh Policies purchase through HEAL: With our new simplified version of our online journey where customers can able to purchase the policy within 3 steps and in 5 minutes. Currently, customers can purchase Complete Health Care Insurance products online by clicking on HEAL (Health Ensurance for Active Life) and we are about to launch two new products online for our customers which will be available within the week.
For Policy Servicing needs we have well-dedicated champions who will assist our customers for any renewal related needs like to know the status of policy, Renew the policy online or understand the policy, we have devoted Individuals PAN India who are always one step ahead to assist and take your pain in their shoulders to make your life comfortable. To know more click on our Customer Center tab.
Now you can also reach out to us with a dedicated Renewal Contact number 24 X 7 i.e. 1800-267-4030 or write us on Our Customer Support team is always available to guide with most proficiently who will keep the promise to resolve your issues in a matter of minutes. You can also share your experiences and provide feedback upon your buying experiences, or you can also consult them for any issue related to New & Renewal queries.

We have left no stone unturned to reach out to our customers and make them aware of our new Instant Renewal initiatives to renew the policy through different digital modes. We are reaching out to every single digital touchpoint of our customers which includes:

  • SMS
  • Email
  • Phone Calls
Don’t worry you can reach out to us at 1800-200-4030 to intimate claim, check the status of your Claim or claim related Query. We have a separate team that looks after Claim Assistance they will guide you and help you in every possible way to make your life easy and worry-free. Our dedicated individuals will help you by taking the required details and assist you to provide details to or you can directly go to our Quick Act Claim Intimation portal where clients will able to intimate claim.