All our customers who are stuck in Kerala floods and want to register a claim or require any assistance can reach out to us through the emergency helpline number 1800 22 4030, 1800 200 4030, 022 - 27 63 9800, 022 - 39 13 3700. Track Claim Status link: HTTPS://

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Travel Insurance provides you and your family medical, financial and other assistance in case of an emergency or untoward circumstances while travelling on an International Trip.

No matter what you are: a business traveller or a leisure traveller: you are now safer with Overseas Travel Insurance which protects you from unfortunate events such as loss or delay in checked baggage, passport loss, a medical emergency or an Accident

Insure your trip and enjoy a hassle free journey.

Travel Claim Helpline numbers:

Jurisdiction Worldwide coverage for Medical & Travel related assistance Falck TPA
TPA Falck India Pvt Ltd  
Location of centre Haryana, India  

Falck India Pvt Ltd

Upper Floor

The Peach Tree, Block – C

Sushant Lok – I

Sector 43, Gurugram

Haryana – 122015
Toll-Free Numbers for assistance 18775367264  
Other Telephone Numbers +91 1244498766  
Fax Numbers  +91 1244006674  
Email id  

Travel claim process:

  • To lodge a claim, you should immediately contact the Helpline numbers of the Overseas Assistance Provider providing the necessary details. The Details of the Alarm Centre are as mentioned above.
  • You need to contact the Alarm Centre number while abroad as soon as possible and inform in case You will be filing - any claim, even if assistance is not required. We will not be liable to pay any claim on return back to India, that has not been informed by You, while abroad to the Alarm Centre
  • The Alarm Centre, will verify the identity of the caller by asking his name passport number
  • In the event of an accident or sudden illness where it is not possible to do sobefore consulting a Medical Practitioneror going to the Hospital, You shall contact the Alarm Centre as soon as possible. In either case, when being admitted as a patient, you shall show the concerned Medical Practitioneror personnel this Policy, if requested.
  • In case of Financial Emergency, You shall immediately contact the Alarm Centre stating the details given on Your Insurance Policy along with the police report containing the passport number and a written statement narrating the incident of loss i.e. causes, circumstances and the place. Failure to do so may prejudice Your claim, as Our liability will only attach in case of claim supported by above documents.
  • In case of Hijacking, the fact of the incident having occurred should be confirmed by the proper police authorities. The police report should contain details such as the passport number of the Insured, the period of hijack, etc. In rare casesWe may consider the other supporting documents such as a report issued by the airlines, newspaper reports, TV and other media coverage with regard to the particular hijacking incident.
  • If the procedure stated above is complied with, the Overseas Assistance Provider, as the case may be, will guarantee to the service provider the costs of hospitalization, transportation for emergency services, transportation home for You and any covered accompanying person and Financial Emergency Assistance. All costs will be directly settled by the Overseas Assistance Provider on Our behalf and the same shall constitute due discharge of Our obligations hereunder.
  • If the service provider does not accept the guarantee of payment from the Overseas Assistance provider, we cannot be held responsible for the same. The relevant costs will then have to be borne by you. These costs will then be considered for reimbursement by - Us or the Overseas Assistance Provider on submission of required documents.
  • Reimbursement of all claims (except claims under Financial Emergency Assistance) will be made by the Overseas Assistance Provider in Indian Rupees on the insured's return back to the Republic of India, at the exchange rate specified by the Reserve Bank of India, as applicable on the date the amount is billed
  • Claims under Financial Emergency Assistance shall be settled/arranged directly to You, whilst abroad, by the Overseas Assistance Provider
  • In case of burglary loss at the home of the insured whilst on the trip abroad, the loss is to be intimated to the Overseas Assistance Provider in India

The company shall appoint an independent surveyor to assess the loss.

Points To Remember: -

Do make sure you take out your insurance before you travel. It can be very difficult to arrange once your holiday has started. Normally, insurers will not grant cover once a journey has commenced, leaving you exposed to a significant financial risk and a delay in the assistance you may desperately need. Don't think that buying travel insurance is an unnecessary extra expense on top of your holiday cost. At worst it can help you get the assistance you need - at best it could help save your life.
Do make sure that you have disclosed any pre-existing medical conditions to your insurer when you take out the policy (including yourself and your dependent family). Don't arrange your own evacuations/repatriation unless your life is in danger without it and you and your companions cannot talk to the insurer in time. Otherwise, they won't pay if evacuation is self-arranged.
Do ensure that you take all documentation of your travel policy with you on holiday, especially the emergency assistance telephone number. Don't keep your properties, travel documents unattended. Keep your valuables in hotel lockers/safe deposit vaults.
Do be aware that a 'low cost' policy may not provide a level of cover you require; often 'low cost' means 'low cover' and a less-than-reassuring service when you most need it! Don't accept lavish hospitality extended by strangers/ unknown persons especially while shopping for jewellery and expensive items.
DO contact the Assistance & claim-settling Co. for assistance and inform immediately, with full details. The insured can contact Falck India Pvt Ltd which will provide emergency assistance and claims administration services guidance. Don't get admitted in a hospital merely for investigation, evaluation or health checkups- It will not be approved.
In extreme emergency medical conditions prohibiting getting in touch with assistance co., get admitted to the nearest facility/hospital. Request your representative to contact the assistance and claim settling co for further process. Don't forget to record the details of damage caused to any property or injury to anyone involved..
For reimbursement claim please intimate ASAP to Falck India Pvt Ltd via fax/ email and seek documentation advice before return from abroad. Don't claim the following expenses:- Telephone/fax , food and beverages , documentation charges,
DO keep all Original bills and receipts, travel documents, original medical reports for easy process of reimbursement claim. Don't panic, If you receive a bill or notice from a provider or collection agency, simply forward it to Falck India Pvt Ltd by the quickest means possible (fax or e-mail), and to take action directly with the provider.
Loss of baggage must be reported to the carrier and a Property Irregularity Report to be obtained. You may also claim from the carrier for they negligence. Don't admit any liability without written consent of Falck India Pvt Ltd to any party in what so ever form.
In case of loss of passport, the police authorities to be informed, contact the nearest Indian embassy for further guidelines? Don't be reckless and always safeguard yourself from unhealthy event or circumstance as if the insurance is not in force.
Do- in case of financial emergency, the insured can contact the claim-settling co. stating details of insurance policy, Police report, and a written statement narrating the incident of loss. Do not call Falck India Pvt Ltd without policy details available.
In case of Out Patient treatment (OPD) kindly forward the original papers to Falck India Pvt Ltd Haryana office.  
Do take and keep detailed notes of all conversations with insurance company representatives, and get names, phone numbers, and job titles of people you speak with.  
Do take pictures, if possible, of damage to your vehicle, the accident scene, and your injuries.  
DO be honest and forthcoming with your insurer. Even if it is embarrassing, it is better if your insurer knows all the facts. Failing to be candid with your insurer might invalidate your policy or cause a denial of coverage.  
Please send claim papers for reimbursement cases within 30 days from the date of return to India.