All our customers who are stuck in Kerala floods and want to register a claim or require any assistance can reach out to us through the emergency helpline number 1800 22 4030, 1800 200 4030, 022 - 27 63 9800, 022 - 39 13 3700. Track Claim Status link: HTTPS://

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As soon as a loss is noticed, please intimate immediately to our nearest office or on our call centre number or on toll free number 1-800-22-4030 (from MTNL & BSNL Lines.) Our claims officials shall soon get in touch with you and shall be happy to help you with the claim procedures. Details of our offices can be found in the USGICL Office locator.

Following information needs to be furnished by you while intimating a claim:

  • Your Contact Numbers
  • Policy Number
  • Name of Insured person,
  • Date & Time of accident,
  • Location of Loss,
  • Brief description on how the accident took place,
  • Extent of loss
  • Place & contact details of the Insured Person (in case person intimating the claim is other than the insured person.
  • Take measures to extinguish the fire and all steps to minimize the extent of loss.
  • Inform the Fire Brigade and co-operate with them but don't forget to obtain the Fire Brigade Report and bill for firefighting expenses, because these expenses are payable under the policy.
  • Intimate the insurance company with a rough estimate of loss as early as possible and obtain your claim form, within 14 days of the loss.
  • In case of damage due to natural calamities like storm, floods, lightning, obtain the meteorological report for the weather broadcast at the time of disaster.
  • Do not dispose the Salvage until advised by the surveyor or Insurance Company.
Basic document Check list
  • Claim Form duly filled in & signed.
  • Claim bills: Detailed claim bills with necessary bills/vouchers.
  • F.I.R, if filed.
  • Fire Brigade Report (internal or external or both as the case may be).
  • Forensic Departments report, if applicable.
  • Laboratory test report together with the mandate given, if applicable.
  • Record of Labour involved in activities related to claim.
  • Original Repair/ Replacement Bills with receipt.
  • Photographs if arranged.
  • Departmental Note on the incident.
  • Meteorological report: In case of natural calamities like floods, cyclone, earthquake etc) or News paper cutting.


Basic document Check list
  • Claim Form duly filled in & signed.
  • F.I.R, if filed.
  • Books of accounts.
  • Activities carried out at other premises.
  • Details of Savings in Standing Charges.
  • Details of Increased Cost of Working.
  • Details of trends in business.