All our customers who are stuck in Kerala floods and want to register a claim or require any assistance can reach out to us through the emergency helpline number 1800 22 4030, 1800 200 4030, 022 - 27 63 9800, 022 - 39 13 3700. Track Claim Status link: HTTPS://

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What is the first step that i need to take in event of a loss?

In case of an unfortunate event of accident to insured, first of all take care of your health and consult doctor. Notify police authorities wherever necessary. Please contact USGIC by any of the following convenient ways:


1. Email advise can be sent at 2. Call on our Toll Free number 1-800-22-4030 (from MTNL & BSNL Lines) 3. Helpline number 022-41582900 - 41582999

In case of telephonic contact, our call centre executive shall note down the basic requirements and pass on the information to the concerned Claims Team who shall appoint an investigator(if required), to assess the case in stipulated time.

In case the claim is being notified by email, the attached I claim notification to be filled in and sent to enable the concerned claims handler to contact you immediately for further update.

In a rare case that you find it difficult to communicate through any of the above modes, you may immediately inform the loss to your nearest USGIC office or banker (for Banca policies) who shall contact us for further formalities.

How do i know if my loss is covered under the policy?

You can do a self check to see if the answers to the following questions are "YES"

Premium - is your premium check cleared by the bank?

Period - whether the insurance is in force at the time of loss?

Peril - whether the cause of loss is covered by the policy? (Perils are defined in the policy document)

If your answers to the above questions are "YES", then your loss stands covered by us, subject to policy terms and conditions.

What is the quantum of claim that i receive?

The amount of claim generally payable depends on the type of policy, policy coverage and policy terms and conditions.However,in no circumstance will the total amount of claim exceed the sum insured of your policy..

Who receives the claim payment?

We pay the amount to the Insured. In case of death claim, the amount is paid to the nominee of the policyholder. In case there is no nominee made under the policy, then USGIC will insist upon a succession certificate from a court of law for disbursing the claim amount. Alternatively, the USGIC can deposit the claim amount in the court for disbursement to the next legal heirs of the deceased.

What if the accident takes place in a city other than where the policy was issued?

It doesn't matter where the accident happens. We shall co-ordinate through our offices and network to ensure that you are guided through the procedures without any hassles.

Do i need to report the accident to the police?


What is the claim procedure after that the claim is notified?

We shall take the following steps immediately once the claim is notified to us:

The investigator shall be appointed.

The investigator, after inspection shall assess the loss and inform the assessment to the insurer.

Claim processing-Within seven working days from the date of receipt of all requisite documents.

Claims Payment- Within two working days from the finalization of claim.

How do i get a claim form?

A form is included in the policy kit that you must have received. However for your convenience our representatives will supply the claim form for you. The claim form is available on our company website

What are the benefitd i would get in case of partial permanent disability due to an accident?

The benefits will depend on the extent and type of disability. (Please refer policy documents.)

If i am disabled during earthquake, will i get compensation?

No. This cover is applicable only if the disability is due to an accident. A disability caused due to a natural calamity is not covered..

If death occurs due to disease or it's natural, will the claim be paid?

No. This cover is applicable only if the death is due to an accident. A death caused due to a disease or natural death is not covered..

What are the benefits USGIC is providing in personal accident policy?

Basic cover - Death only

Wider cover - Death + Permanent Total Disability+ Permanent Partial Disability

Comprehensive cover - Death + Permanent Total Disability + Permanent Partial

Disability +Temporary Total Disability

Extra benefits under policy in addition to capital sum insured,

1) Transportation cost for carriage of dead body to home including funeral charges.

2) Cost of clothing damaged in the accident.

3) Ambulance charges for transportation of insured person to hospital following accident.

4) Education fund in the event of death, PTD of the proposer for up to two dependent children.

5) Loss of employment

ADD-ON Covers-(only on receipt of additional premium)

1) Medical expenses.

2) Hospital confinement amount.


What are the claim documentsnecessary for claim settlement?

No. This cover is applicable only if the death is due to an accident. A death caused due to a disease or natural death is not covered.

What are the claim documentsnecessary for claim settlement?

List of Documents Death Death Claim Temporary Total Disability(TTD) Permanent Total Disability Permanent Partial Disability
Duly filled original Claim Form X X X X
Policy copy X X X X
Claim Intimation X X X X
FIR-Attested or Original X X X X
Death Certificate X      
Post Mortem report X      
Inquest/Coroner's Report X      
Final Police Report/Original Panchnama X X X X
Legal Heir certificate /nominee certificate X      
Confirmation of coverage letter X X X X
Discharge summary of the treating hospital clearly indicating the Hospital Registration No.   X X X
Diagnostic reports   X X X
Leave certificate     X  
Certificate from government hospital doctor confirming the nature and degree of disability   X X X
Termination letter for claim under "Loss of Employment"     X  
Photograph of the injured with reflecting disablement     X