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What to do in case my vehicle meets with an accident?

As soon as your vehicle meets with an accident or injures a third party or damages the property of a third party, inform us on our contact centre (contact details below). Our claims executive will get in touch with you and guide you on the procedures and documents necessary to process your claim.

1. Email advise can be sent at
2. Call on our Toll Free number 1-800-22-4030 (from MTNL & BSNL Lines)
3. Helpline number +91-22-27639800

It is in your interest not to drive the damaged vehicle using its own power since any consequential damages after accident would not be admissible under the policy.


What if the accident takes place in a city other than where the policy as issued?

It doesn't matter where the accident happens. We shall co-ordinate through our offices and network to ensure that you are guided through the procedures without any hassles.

Do i need to report the loss to the police?

You need to obtain an FIR in any of the following cases:

Bodily Injury to any Third Party involved in the accident.

Theft of the entire vehicle or accessories, other vehicle parts.

Any loss or damage to the vehicle by miscreants, rioters, terrorists, arsonists, etc.

For all commercial vehicles.

Is spot survey compulsory for commercial vehicles?

Yes. Spot survey is compulsory for commercial vehicles.

Are accidental damages to my vehicle covered under the policyY?

Yes,provided you have "Own Damage" coverage under your policy. This off-course will be subject to the terms, condition and exclusion of the policy.

What is the third party insurance liability? Arew the damages to vehicle covered under the policy?

As per the Motor Vehicle Act 1938, no vehicle can play on public roads without the Third Party insurance coverage; Third Party insurance covers the following:

Any injury / death of third person caused by your car.

Any damage caused to the property of some other individual by your vehicle.

Only third party insurance liability coverage does not cover loss or damage to your insured vehicle.

What if i am having theft and act policyor act nly policy for my vehicle? Would the loss to my vehicle be covered under the policy?

If you are having a Theft or Act only policy, accidental damages to your vehicle would not be covered. Only Theft of vehicle is covered under Theft Policy. Similarly third part liability will be covered under Act policy..

What is the claim procedure after the claim is notified?

We shall take the following steps immediately once the claim is notified to us :

The surveyor shall be appointed within 24 hours from the time of notification.

The surveyor, after inspection shall assess the loss and inform the assessment to the insured.

The surveyor shall carry out the re-inspection after the repairs are completed. Post Repairs - Non Cashless Workshop Insured have to make the payment to the workshop.

Original repair invoice and payment receipt needs to be submitted to us.

Claim amount will be settled within seven working days after receiving the final documents.

Post Repairs - Cashless Workshop

In case of USGIC Cashless Workshops, you only have to pay the difference amount as informed to you by our surveyor and the workshop shall submit their bill for the balance amount directly to us..

How do i get a claim form?

A form is included in the policy kit that you must have received. However for your convenience our representatives will supply the claim form for you. The claim form would also be available on our company website

Where will the survey be carried out?

Surveyor will come to the workshop where the vehicle will be left for repairs in case it is not a Spot survey.

What if my vehicle is not in a driving condition?

No problems. Our call centre will assist you to get your vehicle towed to our Cashless Workshops. However if you choose to use a garage of your choice, you shall have to arrange for the towing of vehicle and reasonable towing charges shall be reimbursed based on the policy terms and conditions..

What if i want use a workshop of my own choice?

We have no problems, but there shall be no cashless facility and you will have to make the payment to the garage in full and submit the final bills and receipt to us for processing..

What is the amount that i would have to bear for the claim?

You shall have to bear:

The amount of depreciation as per the rate indicated in the policy document.

Compulsory deductible under the policy.

Voluntary deductions under the policy, if you have opted for it..

What is the effect of my claim on my policy?

In case of any claim during the insured policy period, at the time of renewal, you will loose the NCB "No Claim Bonus" that you have accrued over the years. Also there could be a loading on the premium at the time of renewal.

What should i do if my vehicle is stolen?

Immediately notify the loss to the nearest police station from the place where the vehicle was stolen and also intimate the same to us at our call centre. Our claims executive shall get in touch with you and assist you for further course of action..

Are accidental damages to my vehicle covered if someone else was driving at the time of accident?

If your vehicle is insured under comprehensive insurance policy and the person driving your vehicle holds a valid driving license, these damages are covered subject to terms and conditions of the policy.

Is the personal accident the personal accident cover applicable to any other person driving my vehicle?

Yes. If you have paid an additional premium to get coverage of Personal Accident to the insured or any named person other than paid driver or cleaner. This is usually applicable to private cars and motorized two wheelers.

What if i have an accident with an uninsured vehicle? What is the extent to which i am covered?

If you have taken a comprehensive policy for your vehicle you are fully covered against all the accidental damages to your vehicle. Your are also covered for the Third Party liability subject to terms and conditions mentioned in the policy document.

Who is eligible for the claim if there is a hypothecation on my vehicle?

If your vehicle under hire purchase or hypothecation is a total loss on account of accident damage or theft, the claim is paid to the hypothecator with whom the vehicle is leased/hypothecated. However, if the damage can be repaired, the claim is normally paid to the vehicle owner. If a cashless repair facility is used, then the amount is paid to the dealer where the vehicle has been repaired.

Can i claim for accumulated damages over a period of time ?

No, each loss has to be separately intimated to us and surveyed as per procedure.

Will you give me advance on the basis of a damage estimate?

No, your vehicle must first be repaired, after which we shall process and settle the claim based on the policy terms and conditions.

WHAT is meant by total loss?

The insured vehicle shall be treated as a Constructive Total Loss, if the aggregate cost of retrieval and/or repair of the vehicle subject to the terms and conditions of the policy, exceeds 75% of the IDV of the vehicle. Total Loss also refers to accident damage to your vehicle where the cost of repairs amounts to more than 75% of the IDV on your policy.

What is salvage and what happens to it?

The insured vehicle shall be treated as a Constructive Total Loss, if the aggregate cost of retrieval and/or repair of the vehicle subject to the terms and conditions of the policy, exceeds 75% of the IDV of the vehicle. Total Loss also refers to accident damage to your vehicle where the cost of repairs amounts to more than 75% of the IDV on your policy..

What is compulsory excess?

An excess is the amount first loss that you shall have to bear.

What is voluntary excess?

This is the amount you have opted to be deducted from claim amount at the time of purchase of insurance.

This is in addition to compulsory excess applicable by the policy..